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Namaste Baltimore - Free (Baltimore)

Namaste Baltimore
Price: Free
Address: Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Date Posted: Dec 19 2015
Welcome to the delectable world of Indian cuisine at Namaste Baltimore. Come celebrate the journey through the world of Indian flavors and textures with mouth watering traditional Indian dishes prepared from fresh ingredients. At Namaste Baltimore, we have worked hard to tailor a menu to take you on a memorable journey through the best of Indian cuisine. Before you start your journey, sit back and relax with a refreshing cocktail (or two!) from our full service bar. For an equally attractive non-alcoholic option, take a look at lassi, a traditional Indian drink prepared from yogurt. Then, chose any of our appetizers, soups or salads to get your journey started. A culinary discovery awaits you as you continue your journey to our selection of tender chicken, lamb and seafood grilled in our traditional Indian clay "tandoor" oven, and flavorful curries that are meticulously prepared with fresh ingredients and traditional Indian herbs and spices. There are plenty of vegetarian options

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